Talented and educated software engineer with a strong desire to build quality products that delight and empower users. Places high value in clear and thoughtful interface and software design. Takes pride in high-quality products and strives for excellence in engineering and user experience. Has experience in projects with hundreds of concurrent contributors with dozens of integrated technologies both proprietary and public.


YouTube 2016-present

Engineer on the YouTube Android app. Tech lead since 2020. responsible for guiding the technical direction of the project, coordinating engineering efforts among a small team, and for building and releasing several projects over the years.

Strong experiences working with small and large teams, leading a small fast-paced team, shipping a product to literally billions of users, weekly and daily release schedules, automated and end-to-end testing, Android development, collaborating closely with third parties, adopting bleeding-edge features, and guiding the prolific use of reactive streams (RxJava) throughout the codebase. Some experiences with iOS, frontend, and backend development. Proactive in code health and engineering excellence conversations, including leading a code health reading group, volunteering as a readability reviewer, publishing internal code health documents, and pushing for scalable and maintainable software designs.

7400 Circuits 2015

Designed and developed a cross-platform desktop application for users to transfer data onto and pull data from a modified NEO GEO Pocket game cartridge. Maintained an Android and iOS game, adding support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean character sets. Gained experience in project management, interface design and programming, communication protocols, automated tooling, and QT. 2013-2015

Designed and built numerous web sites for a variety of small businesses. Using modern design and web techniques to build sites that met unique requirements and were accessible. Gained experience in server-side scripting and stylesheets following industry best practices (at the time).


B.S. of Computer Science 2012-2016

Graduated from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Was involved in numerous groups, including the programming team, the local ACM chapter, and the game development club.

SDSM&T Programming Team 2014-2016

Competed in the 2017 ACM-ICPC World Finals in Phuket, Thailand, representing the school, state, and country among other accomplished schools from around the world.

Skills & Hobbies

android | qt | love2d | unity | git | mercurial | android studio | visual studio | intellij | bash | java | c++ | lua | python | html | css | reactive streams

game development | web development | video gaming | magic the gathering | user interface design | visual design | snowboarding | rock climbing | traveling

Last updated October 29, 2021