Vido Gams and Code

a playground for projects and ideas

About Myself

My name is Daniel Andrus. I play video games, write code, and start fun side projects. Sometimes I even finish those side projects. I also work as a full-time software engineer on the side. My Internet alias is "StrangePan" (previously "Deaboy"), and "vido gams and code" is my tagline.

I grew up in Southern California and earned my high school degree in 2009. In 2010, I moved from Los Angeles to a little town called Spearfish, South Dakota. There, I attended college at Black Hills State University for two years while outside of classes I became interested in programming. In 2012, I transferred to the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology where I graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science in May, 2016.

Today, I am living back in California, in the lovely San Francisco Bay area where I work as a software engineer for YouTube. By day, I work hard to make the Android YouTube app better for everyone. By night, I play Magic the Gathering and watch Rick and Morty.

As I continue to develop my career, my passion for programming and video games has not diminished. I have a number of small PC game projects that I work on when I want to try new ideas. Some of my side projects can be found on the projects page of this site.

About This Site

This website is intended to be a place for me to showcase my abilities, share my personal projects, and express myself. It is a playground for me and my hobbies. I use this site to post personal and professional information. My long-term desire for this site is for it to serve as a personal library of references, links, code samples, and anything else that I find intriguing.

Every line of this website has been hand-coded from scratch, with the exception of third-party font faces, icons, and libraries. The reason I have chosen to build a custom website rather than use a content management system such as WordPress or Joomla is simple; I want first-hand experience working with new web technologies and building powerful applications. Technology is my passion; I want to seize every opportunity I can to learn about these wonderful machines known as "computers."

This site is updated whenever I have time or interest to do so. It is designed to be simple and minimalistic while presenting information in a clean and logical manner. The simplicity of this site is an exercise in clear design.

This web site's source code is publicly available on GitHub and is licensed under the MIT license.